List of tools and supplies needed to create a stained glass project:

Patterns ~ A drawing of the project you plan to create.You can design your own or find mant stained glass patterns available online. 

Pattern Shears ~ Patterns shears are a specifically designed scissors used to cut out the pattern.

Stained Glass ~ Sheets of glass that come in a variety of colors 

Glass Cutter ~ A glass cutter is used to cut the glass by putting a score on the glass that allows you to break the glass on that line.

Breaking Pliers ~ Breaking pliers are used when you are unable to break the glass with your hands.

Lead ~ Lead usually comed in 6 ft strips and in various widths used to wrapped around the perimeter of the cut pieces of glass.
Lead Nippers ~ It looks like a wire cutter but is specificly designed to cut lead.

Copper Foil ~ The foil is a thin tape with an adhesive back used to wrap around the edge of the glass

Soldering Iron ~ A soldering iron is used to solder all the joints together where the lead meets and the foil on a copper foil project

Cement ~ Cement is a semi liquid type of glazing substance that is used to seal the window after it is completed.

Whiting ~ Whiting is plaster type of substance that is brushed on to window after it is cemented to absorb excess cement.
Fid ~ A fid is a plastic piece used to open up the lead so the glass can fit in, it is also used to flatten out any higher surfaces of the lead.

Grinder ~ Grinders are used to smooth out the edge of the glass after it is cut.

Soldering Flux ~ Flux is used to clean the surface of the lead prior to soldering.

Wet Sponge ~ The sponge is used to clean offer the tip of the soldering iron.
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